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   “A small shop in western ma with great knowledge in most all compression ignition engines, at half the price. We like to make trucks boogie too.” - Pj Brown

   In 2013, Parker “Pj” Brown, at the age of 21, began Peak Diesel out of his mom’s tiny garage in Monson. Quickly, with his knowledge, skill and quality work in heavy & light duty diesel repair & performance work, his business moved to a small, one lift garage out in the middle of nowhere (but still in Monson...). Again, not too long after, with Pj’s hard work and love for the job, along with his one of kind personality, Peak Diesel quickly outgrew the tiny garage. At barely 25 years old, he was able to acquire a large two bay, three lift, full operating shop on a state highway in the middle of town. With his passion for the industry, and a personality that was impossible not to love, Peak Diesel continued to grow.


   Devastatingly, late in his 25th year, 2017, Pj passed away. The outpouring of love and attendance at his services alone were a testament of just how much he meant and had done to affect his community, his customers and friends and family from all over the world.

   In tribute to Parker “Pj” Brown, Peak Diesel remains open today. With family still operating the business, we try to run it in a fashion that Pj would have done himself or at least be proud of to this day. Peak Diesel’s previous employees, Nick & John, continue to work and run the shop in loving memory of Pj and with their own love and passion for the job. Dan, a friend of Pj’s, and one with an education similar to his, quit his job at the time to work at Peak and allow the shop to continue. With the consistent help of the community, Pj’s mentors, friends, family & customers, we hope to continue to see Peak Diesel grow and give back to it’s community the way that Pj had hoped that it would.

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